This release pays homage to the State of Hawaii for all of its efforts bringing awareness to the state of our coral reefs through legislation and education

Huntington Beach, Ca- February 6th, 2024 – Today, Raw Elements CA LLC. , the worldly sourced and US manufactured sun protection brand , founder of World Reef Day, announces the availability of its new artist/waterman collection by Mike Field from Hawaii. The range consists of not only of a sunscreen collection, formulated with clean ingredients to protect our oceans and our people; the brand will be offering a series of sun protection accessories and UPF clothing this Spring.

The collection is being released to continue bringing awareness to the state of our coral ecosystems and the issues that come from chemical based personal care products in regards to human health and our environment. Mike’s, 50’s meets modern island art, shines a beautiful light to the mission of preserving our oceans and waterways. His passion for the ocean as a true waterman validates his authenticity to a sustainable lifestyle.

“Raw Elements continues to shine light on Hawaii, serving it as pilot program for the rest of the world, that change can be made, by simply making better choices. We are honored to partner with Mike to extend our relentless efforts to educate people about the issue. Mike’s art and lifestyle is perfectly aligned with our ethos. We cannot wait to share it with the globe!!” , said Chris Wagaman, Chief Operating Officer at Raw Elements.

“Raw Elements not only understands what it means to respect “ place” but they care about the people. They are a company that is part of the solution and not the problem. I am excited about the future on what we can develop to make change”, says Mike Field, artist/waterman.

Raw Elements will be launching a social media campaign around the collection. Products will be sold at your local Raw Elements Brick-n-mortar locations and on www.rawelementsusa.com

About Raw Elements:

Founded in 2012, Raw Elements' mission has been to make everyone's Sunshine Experience Fun & Safe. Raw Elements creates purpose-built products that are safe to apply to your skin, perform beyond your expectations, and keep the environment safe from unnecessary chemicals. At Raw Elements core, you have a group of dedicated enthusiasts who live to create skin care products superior to the market , using the best materials we can source ,to bring you a finished product , that makes change for the future.

About Mike Field:

Mike was born in Guam and raised in Hawaii. His inspiration for his creativity comes from the Polynesian lifestyle, its ocean and the floras that canvas the islands. In his fine prints, people share the spotlight with the island landscape, the vegetation, and ocean. Having experienced years of surfing, sailing, and canoe paddling in the Pacific Ocean, Mike’s art has an approach to make you feel like you are part of the canvas. If you don’t find him painting at his studio in the mountains of the Big Island, he may be training the young groms to paddle through the channel. He is not only an artist/waterman but he is a man of service to his kids, Luke and Paloma, and his community.

For media inquiries, please contact Raw Elements at wags@rawelementsusa.com