Yet another research study has brought up serious concerns regarding chemical UV filters in our sunscreens. The most recent study by University of Copenhagen, being presented at The Endocrine Society's 98th annual meeting Boston, highlights the dangers. Commonly used US ingredients including avobenzone, homosalate, meradimate, octisalate (also known as octyl salicylate), octinoxate (or octyl methoxycinnamate), octocrylene, oxybenzone (also called benzophenone-3 or BP-3) and padimate O were found to disrupt human sperm function.  

"This effect began at very low doses of the chemicals, below the levels of some UV filters found in people after whole-body application of sunscreens," Niels Skakkebaek MD, DMSc, said - a professor at the University of Copenhagen and a researcher at the Copenhagen University Hospital, Rigshospitalet.

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Are you using a sunscreen that contains these ingredients? Did you know there are alternatives?